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The motor club was set up in 1955 and has been involved with many areas of motorsport over the last 50 years.

Club members run events ranging from table top rallies which helps people compete at grassroot level and learn maps in the comfort of a warm pub, to organising rally events and stages which run throughout the North East Region and Borders in all weathers and involving some of the Country’s best drivers and rally teams.

Currently we help organise and co promote the Cheviot Stages at Otterburn and the Chris Pringle Memorial Road Rally in the Northumberland area, as well as assisting in other events throughout the country.

The clubs membership comes from all ages, from teenagers and those well past retirement, but whatever age you are you can become a member of our club and get involved. Members of the club also come from a wide catchment area in Tyneside but we also have members from other parts of the UK and even Finland…

If you are interested in becoming involved or just want to know more please don’t be shy and pop into the Northumbrian Piper for a warm welcome, scan our website for more information or just drop me a line by clicking on my name below.


Andy Whittaker - The Chairman



Time to the next Cheviot Keith Knox Rally

OK, Closest to Otterburn that is available.


The club meets at The Northumbrian Piper Pub, at Fawdon, Newcastle every Tuesday from around 9pm.


Or you could do it old fashined style by plotting a map reference on OS map 88 at 226 696

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